I have always been a creative person, as a child I would make Plaster of Paris models and paint and draw, I loved drawing likenesses of famous people. My career was in IT and I would paint as a way of destressing. I was a member of the Bedfordshire Artist's Network for many years until we moved here to Northamptonshire and have exhibited at the Gascoigne Gallery in Harrogate in their ‘Starkers’ exhibition. Now I am retired and have time to pursue my creative side I am enjoying learning other creative skills and especially loving making Jewellery. I find it fascinating to take some wire and a few crystals or gemstones and create a beautiful piece of jewellery from them.

You will find my jewellery for sale in my Jewellery Shop and fine art prints of some of my paintings in my Prints Shop

I am fascinated with colour and light, and my paintings reflect this with an emphasis on exploring the effects of strong light and unusual colours on my subjects. I have been painting all my life, gradually developing my painting techniques into the distinctive blend of style and colour I use today.

I am particularly interested in working with the nude figure, capturing and emphasising the curves of the figure through light and colour. My paintings of nudes often have an element of mystery to them, and include silhouettes with the curves edged in light. My paintings are of nudes but are about seeing the beauty of the nude form through the play of light and colour on the figure. You can see many of my original paintings in my Original Paintings Gallery.

I sometimes use digital techniques, creating images with 3D modelling and digital painting software, using these to extend my exploration of the effects of light.

I hope you enjoy this site, I am always creating new jewellery or paintings so please check back soon.

If you would like further information on fine art prints or jewellery please contact me.

 Joy Gregory


Email: joy@joygregorycreativestudio.co.uk
Joy Gregory Creative Studio
The Manor, Billing Garden Village, Great Billing, Northampton, England, NN3 9EX


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